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On this page you will find all kinds of extras about 2-XL. Currently there is a Mini-FAQ, links to other 2-XL sites, banners for linking to this site, 2-XL advertisements & magazine covers, a Pick Your Brain episode listing and sound clips, Mego and Tiger 2-XL commercials as both video and audio files, 2-XL sounds and images from all over the world, very unofficial 2-XL fan art, sound clips and composer information on 2-XL's music, and other oddball things. There are more options than 2-XL has buttons for this one, so you may need to use the icons below instead of the guide robot on the left.

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Where can I find 2-XL tapes?
You can almost always find 2-XLs and 2-XL programs up for auction on e-Bay. I recommend searching using all of these combinations:

Search e-Bay for items matching "2 XL robot"

Search e-Bay for items matching "2XL robot"

Search e-Bay for items matching "2 XL tape"

Search e-Bay for items matching "2XL tape"

This is where I've been able to (almost) complete my collection of 2-XL programs. For quick searching, just bookmark this spot and use it to quickly click through all four combinations. Good hunting!

What kind of power cord does the Mego 2-XL use?
The Mego version of 2-XL used a 9-volt AC adapter with a 3.5 mm ("eighth inch") mini-plug tip. It's the one that looks like the same size and shape as the tip on a set of headphones from a walkman.
2-XL plug2-XL AC Adapter

Plug Close-up of Detailed close-up of information on 2-XL AC Adapter
I'm a little disapointed with the glare on this one, but you should still be able to read all the information. It says "INPUT: 120V AC 60 Hz 5W, OUTPUT 9V DC 300mA" and a diagram with the positive polarity on the tip and negative polarity on the base. (I don't really understand the whole polarity thing, I just know that with my replacement cords, if I put it on positive polarity 2-XL worked, if I put it on negative polarity, he didn't. So if using a replacement cord, use positive polarity.)

2-XL plug tip2-XL AC Adapter 3.5 mm tip
I tried to make this scan "exact size" for comparison, but you know how weird computers get. Your mileage may vary. But officially it's an eighth inch (3.5 mm) miniplug.

You should be able to get a replacement cord at Radio Shack. At this time I can recommend the Model 273-1662 1.5-12VDC/300mA Regulated AC-to-DC Adapter at Radio Shack. I have an older version of this one that I use for my 2-XL. It comes with multiple plug tips so you should get the right tip. (Unfortunatley this one no longer pictures the actual tips, so I can't actually confirm it yet.) You should be able to just pick the one that fits your 2-XL, plug it into the adapter on positive polarity, set the little switch on it to 9V and you should be all set!

For the Tiger 2-XL, you need a 6V 500-750MA adaptor. This is usually the kind that works on tape recorders. You can see what the original Tiger instructions have to say about it here.

I'm missing the booklet from one of my 2-XL tapes. Is there any way you can help me replace it?
I'm happy to say that the answer to this one is now YES! I will be scanning all the booklets I have (cleaning them up as much as possible to remove the pencil marks usually found in them) and posting them in the Programs section. You will now be able to print them out and use them at home. If you have a specific booklet you'd like me to do next, feel free to
e-mail me with your request and I will put it to the top of the list!

How can I contact Dr. Freeman, 2-XL's inventor?
I've never found any direct way of contacting him, but you can leave a message for him in the Letters to the Inventor section. I've been told he's seen the site and will stop in to read the messeges posted there!

Tid Bits and Funny Facts

Here's a collection of odd 2-XL trivia I've dug up over the years that really has nowhere else to go!

  • When 2-XL was on the market, Mego would receive over 2000 letters a month about 2-XL!

  • 2-XL's noises were created by recording lots of different beeps and electronic sounds (including Sputnik, the first man-made sattelite), and then distorting and editing the sounds to create all new ones!

  • 2-XL's destinctive laugh was made the same way, by distorting a recorded laugh.

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