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2-XL Around the World

Although it can probably be said that 2-XL is a born New Yorker, he's gotten around quite a bit! 2-XL has been released in over 9 different countries world wide. In addition to the United States, the Mego 2-XL was released in Canada, Mexico, Spain, France and Germany. The Tiger 2-XL was released in all these countries as well, in addition to Russia, Italy, Japan, Latin America and more!

The programs were the same as the US programs, translated into that country's language, with the content often adapted to better fit the country it was released in. Different voices were used in each country, but all of them kept the original sound effects and of course that distinctive 2-XL laugh!

Below is a collection of images and sound clips of 2-XL from as many different countries as I could find. Oddly enough, the German Tiger 2-XL programs I actually found in a clearance bin right here in the US!

Click on any thumbnail image or title for a larger view of that image. The sound files are all in wav format and are NOT streaming files, so you will need to download them to play them. Just click on either the sound name or the "2-XL Sound" icon.


Canadian Mego 2-XL Type 1
A look at 2-XL from the Great White North: It's a typical Mego Type 1 in every way, except that since its from Canada, the buttons are in both English and French.

Canadian Mego 2-XL Type 2
I found this little guy on eBay. Again, a typical Mego Type 2 except for the buttons. Ever since I found this one I'd wondered: since the programs were translated for France, were the French-language programs released in Canada too? Read on...

Canadian 2-XL Buttons
A close-up look at those bilingual buttons.

Canadian General Information
The answer to my above question is YES! I finally found a French Canadian 2-XL tape: this French version of General Information. Some interesting differences (besides the lack of any art label): ALL the question beeps on this program appear to be the "end of program" beeps (ie, the sequence that was always used after the program had ended and was about to start again). Also, this may not be a straight release of the French version, because I heard one of the questions specifically mention Canada. And the thinking-time music was different too. I still haven't gotten to hear it all the way through, but it's been quite an interesting find so far!

"Renseignements generaux" French Canadian Sound File
This is a clip of the Mego 2-XL asking the "Star Trek" question from General Information in French, taken from the "Renseignements generaux" program.
75 seconds, 1616k.

French Canadian Joke Sound File
The Mego 2-XL telling a joke, from the same "Renseignements generaux" program.
17 seconds, 357k.


French 2-XL Program: A la découverte de 2-XL
The French version of "The World of 2-XL" program.

"A la découverte de 2-XL" French Sound File
2-XL asking a question in French, taken from the "A la découverte de 2-XL" program.
14 seconds, 288k.


German 2-XL Program Front
The front of the German version of the Tiger program "Storymaker," now called "Geschichten, die Noch Keiner Kent." (OK, granted I never took German, but somehow I don't think the title is an exact translation.) The package design is identical to US release, except of course that it's all in German. The funny part though is that all logos of the company that released it (called "Joker") are not printed on but stickered on, to both the card and the tape.

German 2-XL Program Back
The back of the "Geschichten, die Noch Keiner Kent" card, which has promos for other German 2-XL tapes. Click Here to compare it side by side with the US version.

German 2-XL Program Back #2 Loose
This one is the back card from "Das Glaubt Kein Mensch," which is the German version of "Fascinating Facts." (Again, the title doesn't sound like a direct translation.) Since I took this one out of the package it's easier to read.

German 2-XL Program: Die Welt des 2-XL
Here's an image of "The World of 2-XL" tape in German as "Die Welt des 2-XL." Note that while the above German tapes were made by Joker, this one has a Milton Bradley logo!

2-XL "Thank You For Turning Me On" in German Sound File
This is a wav file taken from "Das Glaubt Kein Mensch" of 2-XL introducing himself at the beginning of the program. 20 seconds, 448k.

2-XL Question in German Sound File
Another wav file taken from "Das Glaubt Kein Mensch" of 2-XL, this time of 2-XL asking a question in German. 46 seconds, 995k.

"Die Welt des 2-XL" German Sound File
A shorter clip of the German 2-XL asking a question, taken from the "Die Welt des 2-XL" tape. 14 seconds, 316k.


Italian 2-XL Program: Il Mondo di 2-XL
Here's another "The World of 2-XL" tape, this time in Italian. This one has a Tiger Electronics logo, yet also has a logo for a company called Gigi. Also, it only has a running time of 20 minutes, as opposed to the US version which had a running time of 36 minutes.

"Il Mondo di 2-XL" Italian Sound File
This is probably my favorite international clip, not just because I'm part Italian, but also because 2-XL sounds so wild! The clip is taken from the "Il Mondo di 2-XL." program above.
14 seconds, 311k.


2-XL Question in Japanese Sound File
A wav file (no idea what program it's from) of 2-XL asking a question in Japanese. 27 seconds, 586k.


Mexican Mego 2-XL Type 2
The Mexican release of 2-XL, manufactured by Ensueño Electronica. One of the cool things about this one is he doesn't have a "Q" button, he has a "P" button, for Pregunta! Also note the Ensueño Electronica "E" logo added to the bottom of the Pregunta button.

Mexican 2-XL Buttons
A close-up look at 2-XL's buttons in Spanish. Sorry this image is blurry; I'll be adding a better image (along with more images of the box and his on/off switch) once I have access to a better digital camera again.

Mexican 2-XL Tape "Chistes adivinanzas y esas cosas"
I was recently contacted by Sergio Amante, who sent me photos of four 2-XL tapes made by Ensueño Electronica! This one is "chistes adivinanzas y esas cosas," which translates into "Jokes, Riddles and Those Things." So it seems that many of the 2-XL tapes in Mexico were completely different! Many thanks, Sergio!!

Mexican 2-XL Tape "En la historia"
This one is "En la historia" which translates into "In History." And check it out, the artwork has Aztecs and Spanish conquistadores! Thanks again to Sergio Amante for sending me the image!

Mexican 2-XL Tape "En las Olimpiades"
This one is "En las Olimpiades" which translates into "In the Olympics." Doesn't the cartoon 2-XL look so cute in this one?!? Also, have you noticed that while the artwork all looks more childish, it also features 2-XL much more prominantly? Thanks again to Sergio Amante for sending me the image!

Mexican 2-XL Tape "Hechos y fantasias pre-escolares"
This one's title is "Hechos y fantasias pre-escolares" which is more of a direct translation to "Pre-school Facts & Fantasies." Well, in title anyway. No idea if the tape content is similar or not. Thanks again to (you guessed it!) Sergio Amante for sending me the image!

United Kingdom

UK Tomy 2-XL
In the United Kingdom, the Tiger 2-XL was released by Tomy instead; thus, all the tapes and the 2-XL himself have the Tomy logo instead of the Tiger logo. The Tomy tapes were still recorded by Dr. Freeman, but have subtle changes... sometimes one of the choices may be different, and sometimes an entire question is different.

UK Tomy 2-XL Program: Sports World
The UK version of Sports World. Again, from the outside, the only difference is the logo, but on the inside...

UK Tomy 2-XL "Sports World" alternate question sound file
Here's a sound file comparing the US & UK versions. The first half is the US version of question #15, followed immediately by the UK version of question #15, which is completely different.
21 seconds, 456k.

UK Tomy 2-XL "Sports World" alternate choice sound file
Another comparison sound clip, but this one is of a more subtle change; the question is the same, just one of the options has been changed. Again, the first half is the US version of question #16, followed immediately by the UK version of question #16.
50 seconds, 1092k.

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