Count On It

Release Date: 1994
Assortment / Tape No.: 7-277-8
Accessories: Little Booklet (orange, 20 pages); Button Relabel Card (not included!)
Printable Replacement Booklet (Small Version):
  • Printable Page 1 Front contains back cover, front cover, pages 16 & 1.
  • Printable Page 1 Back contains inside front and back covers, pages 2 & 15
  • Printable Page 2 Front contains pages 14, 3, 12, & 5
  • Printable Page 2 Back contains pages 4, 13, 6, & 11
  • Printable Page 3 Front contains pages 10 & 7
  • Printable Page 3 Back contains pages 8 & 9
    Programs: 1
    Running Time: 31 minutes
    "Count On It" (2 min. complete)
    "Two of a Kind" (2 min; edit?, w/ beeptones)
    "Soft & Relaxing / Can-Can Medly" (1 min. 30 sec, edit, beeptones and 1 comment)
    "Very 80s BGM" (1 min., complete)
    (pop quiz music bgm)


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    Other Comments: This program is essentially the Tiger remake of the original Mego program Math and Number Games. Most of the puzzles are taken from other older Mego programs-- "Two of a Kind" is from General Information, "Number Maze" and "Number Path" are from Math and Number Games, the image from "Picture This" is originally from Word & Sound Games, the "History of Numbers" originally appeared in Talking Calculator & Number Game, etc. Some of the puzzles have been left exactly the same, but most of them have been tweaked in some way for the new version.

    2-XL starts this one out in song again, and plays a healthy amount of music as you work out the puzzles. Almost all of this program is going over your results from the puzzles, so the booklet is pretty important.

    This one also does the Talking Calculator bit that was used so much in the Mego programs, where 2-XL gives you two numbers, and then you push a button to choose if you want to 2-XL to add, subtract, multiply or divide those numbers and see if you can come up with the right answer. However, there's a problem this time-- 2-XL says to relabel his buttons with the enclosed card, only there is no enclosed card! I checked three different copies and none of them had cards; I'm forced to the conclusion that for whatever reason, Tiger never made a button relabel card. I'm hoping to create my own button relabel card and post it here in the future.

    An interesting side note-- the little booklet is covered with different mathematical problems all over it... only on one of them, the wrong answer is given!

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    * A NOTE ABOUT PRINTING CARDS OR BOOKLETS: I'm attempting to make these files in the original sizes. Unfortunately computers are odd beasts, and something that looks the correct size doesn't always print at the correct size (or even show up as the same size on different computers). If it doesn't print at the correct size for you, your best bet is to save the file and open it through an image program such as Adobe Photoshop and resize it there.

    A NOTE ABOUT MUSIC: All music titles have been arbitrarily chosen by Frank and myself. These titles were picked based on many different things: the program we first heard the song on, or the project we first used it in, or whatever imagery it made us think of the most. 15 second wav samples (approximately 325k each) have been included for your convenience to be used as a reference. The running times listed in the description above are NOT the sample length. They are the length of the song as it is used on the 2-XL tape pictured.

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