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August 15, 2002

Recently I realized that music is infinite.

I mean, okay, certain things you know are infinite. The universe. Time. Mathematics. God. We're taught that from an early age and as you get older you start to realize why they're infinite on your own.

But in my ever-growing search for new music this year, I was suddenly hit with the overwhelming realization of just how much music is out there. It's staggering. Okay, how many times have you gone into a music store, and they're got thousands of CDs... just not the one you're looking for. But wow, there is TONS of music in there you probably haven't heard.

Don't believe me? Wander over to the clearance rack. You know, the $1.99 bin that usually has no one you recognize. All musicians with hopes and dreams of getting their music heard by you.

Now add to that all the indepentantly made CDs of bands that never made even it into that music shop.

And then add all those old vynil records & 8-track tapes that never got re-issued onto CD.

Oh, and don't forget to add all those CDs that were in the shop, and all the CDs they were out of, and all the CDs that are now out of print...

... and wait, there's every single piece of background music from TV...

Okay, now take that number and multiply it by every country in the world.

But wait, you say-- Yes, that's a lot of music, but it's not INFINITE. You could concievably count them all.

But what about all the music never recorded? Before the invention of the tape recorder? Centuries and centuries of music passed down from person to person, some of which has to have been lost forever by now?

Heck, how many songs did you make up as a kid that you've now forgotten?

You could spend your entire life listening to every recording ever made, and still not hear them all. And you know what? There's new music coming out next Tuesday. And the Tuesday after that. And after that. If society ended tomorrow, as long as there was one human being left alive, there would still be new music you haven't heard.

Music is infinte.

Suddenly the universe seems like a much better place to live in.

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